Học bổng PhD ngành di truyền thực vật tại Montpellier 2019

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PhD Fellowship in Epigenomic and Genomic Regulatory Circuits Inference

Project Description:

A three-year PhD position is available in our groups to work on epigenomic and transcriptomic regulatory circuits in Arabidopsis. The PhD program, supported by an 80 PRIME CNRS project, will be performed in a multidisciplinary and collaborative research environment that brings together biologists, mathematicians and chemists. The aim of the project is to build regulatory circuits of the response to nutritional starvation in the Arabidopsis root, notably by integrating cell-type specific dynamic epigenomes and transcriptomes, and transcription factors/chromatin interaction data. The PhD candidate will be co-supervised by Antoine Martin (biologist) and Sophie Lèbre (statistician), and will acquire multidisciplinary expertise in epigenomics, genomics, computational biology, networks inference and genome statistical analysis.


The PhD candidate will generate multiple cell-type specific epigenomic and transcriptomic datasets from Arabidopsis roots under nutritional starvation. The PhD candidate will analyze these genomic datasets and integrate them, together with transcription factors/chromatin interaction data, for the statistical inference of regulatory circuits. Regulatory circuits will be used to infer new major regulatory modules and genes of the response to nutritional starvation in Arabidopsis.


The candidate should have a Master degree in Biology, Bioinformatics, Genome Analysis or Computational Biology. A previous research experience with plants is not required. The motivation of working in multidisciplinary environment is absolutely required.

To apply, send a CV, a letter of motivation, and the contact information for one or two referees as a single PDF file to: Antoine Martin (antoine.martin@supagro.fr) and Sophie Lèbre (sophie.lebre@umontpellier.fr).

The expected starting date is September/October 2019.

Nguồn: Dr. Nguyễn Tấn Trung

Nguồn hình cover: JoinEU-SEE

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