Trại hè 2019 tại Pháp dành cho sinh viên PhD và postdoc ngành plant metabolites

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Summer School 2019

Specialized plant metabolites: from analysis to engineering

June 30 – July 4, 2019 – Versailles and Orsay (France)

The SPS Summer School 2019 is a one-week programme for outstanding and enthusiastic PhD students, as well as young post-docs, who have a question involving plant specialized metabolites in their project and want to acquire excellent training in this field.

It will address, through keynote seminars, focused seminars and practical courses, the following scientific topics:

– Translational biology / Synthetic biology
– Structure/function relationship
– Biosynthetic and regulatory pathways
– Structural and analytical chemistry
– Integrative biology

The Summer School will bring together 12 participants from all over the world and offer them the chance to receive scientific training in an international and rather informal atmosphere, facilitating exchanges.

How to apply:

For your application, you have to upload a single PDF file containing four documents:

1) A motivation letter explaining your research interests and the expected benefits from attending the school

2) A curriculum vitae

3) An abstract detailing your research project (250 words, with title, author(s), institution(s)), this abstract will be included in the Summer School booklet (distributed to all participants) and must correspond to the short Powerpoint presentation of your research that you will have to prepare for the Summer School.

4) A letter of support from your supervisor or another senior coworker indicating that your host lab will finance your transportation and any additional fees you could have during your stay.

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Hạn chót: ngày 11 tháng Ba 2019.

Nguồn: Dr. Nguyễn Tấn Trung

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